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We’re Athletes, corporate warriors, parents and just overall wellness focused individuals. It all started on a flight reading an article about CBD and the benefits for athletes and healthy minded individuals like ourselves. We’ve spent years pushing our bodies physically doing everything from CrossFit, MMA, Boxing, marathons and just your everyday brutal gym workouts. Like most folks we lived off aspirin and anti inflammatory medications but have always been searching for something all natural. That’s what intrigued us about CBD. 


After months of research and trying multiple products it became evident how many gimmicky sub-standard products there were out there. That’s when we decided it was time to create our own. We spent months researching, testing and developing what today would become the go to CBD brand for athletes, corporate athletes, parents and just overall wellness focused individuals. 


We have spent countless hours developing a product we could be proud to represent and that you would be proud to call your CBD of choice.